Our team

Our team

The company "Sarfaroz" was maded by professionals in the field of security systems with many years of experience. Our team is energetic, confident people who understand and know their business. Possessing sufficient professional resources, we undertake the implementation of projects of any complexity. Our employees have received specialized training from security system manufacturers and partners of the company.

Scope of work

Scope of work

Our activity is aimed at complex and engineering solution of clients' business problems through the production of optimal security systems necessary for the protection of private property, various office and production facilities. We offer services for the design, installation and maintenance of security systems of various levels of complexity. Company profile - the implementation of a full range of works on the equipment security systems: the development of project documentation, equipment supply, installation and commissioning, as well as maintenance of security systems.


Our strategy

We strive to constantly develop the business, expand the circle of clients, improve the technical base of the Company, earning the reputation of the highest quality Company in the market of technical security equipment in the Republic of Tajikistan. We declare an individual approach to each client. Based on his tasks, we choose the most appropriate solutions, guided by the principles of convenience and rationality for the buyer. We constantly study and analyze the security market, introducing new technologies, modernizing existing systems. The company actively cooperates with leaders in the field of security systems and automation, offering its customers only high-quality and time-tested solutions.

The company was founded and established by professionals in the area of security systems with years of experience
Expansion of the range of security services and the implementation of new services - GPS / GLONASS monitoring
Opening of the first specialized store of security systems in Tajikistan in Dushanbe
TECSIDEL & SARFAROZ modernization of the toll road system project for the IRS company
Implementation of a large-scale high-definition video conferencing system (1080p) based on software and TrueConf equipment for the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan

Our services

  • CCTV Video surveillance system
  • ACS Access Control and Time Attendance System
  • FAS Fire alarm system
  • GPS GPS-GLONASS monitoring system

Our security solutions

Video surveillance system

A set of special equipment and optical-electronic devices designed for visual inspection or automatic image analysis with recording of what is happening

Fire alarm system

It is a complex set of technical equipment for timely detection of fire and unauthorized entry into the protected area.

Access Control and Time Attendance System (ACS)

A set of tools that allows you to limit access to the protected object, monitor and keep track of working time, systematize data on the number of people staying at the facility, and control access to the territory

GPS online monitoring system

Allows you to observe in real time the place where the object is located and where it moves. This allows real control of movement, monitoring of vehicles and other objects is carried out

Truck weighing system

Designed to measure the mass of cargo transported by road, by measuring the mass of loaded and empty transport

License plate recognition system

Represent a set of software and hardware used to recognize the license plates of cars and use the data obtained in conjunction with video surveillance systems and access control systems

Gas / Powder Extinguishing System

Designed to eliminate fire at its early stages and constitute a spraying system of fire extinguishing powder / gas and works in conjunction with the fire alarm system

High Definition Audio and Video Conference System

Provides simultaneously two-way transmission, processing, transformation and presentation of interactive information at a distance in real time using hardware and software computing facilities

Structured Cable System / SCS

It is a single network providing communication of such information services as local, computing and telephone systems, video surveillance devices, etc.

Local area network / LAN system

A computer network that usually covers a relatively small area or a small group of buildings (home, office, small company, etc.

System of remote monitoring / access of objects

Аllow you to control a large range of parameters (voltage, humidity, temperature, and others) at a distance, by remotely controlling objects based on the analysis of incoming data, as well as video surveillance systems, access control systems, etc.

Smart Home system Life SOS

This system, in addition to security and fire functions, also includes elements of the smart home: turning the light on and off, watering the lawn, opening the gate, controlling household appliances, etc.

System of automatic telephone exchange (PBX / IP telephony)

A device system that automatically (without an operator or telephone operator) connects and maintains telephone communication between subscribers of this PBX using special end devices for this purpose

Automation System (Extendable Poles / Barriers / Roadblocks)

These are the constructive elements of the highway, intended for blocking and clearing the path in the form of an arrow, a pole, a blocker, and other types of blocking.

Biometric systems of fingerprints, retinal scan and face recognition

Equipment that processes unique personal data of a person: face, iris and fingerprints and is used in access control systems for more accurate and secure access

Our works

The building of the Dushanbe Plaza business center carried out work on computer local area network systems, a structured cable system, delivery, installation and setup of a Panasonic PBX for 520 rooms, satellite television and Wi-Fi wireless access points.
We completed a large-scale project on low-current systems for the branch of the Innovative Road Solutions company on the Dushanbe-Chanak road in the form of the following works:
  • delivery and installation of metal trays DKC;
  • laying and installation of SFTP cable categories 6;
  • сrossing SFTP cable category 6 on patch panels;
  • 1GB cable system testing for EHV, ACS, IP-telephony and LAN systems;
  • marking patch panels category 6 for cable systems;
  • delivery and installation of IP video surveillance system from the company Partizan;
  • delivery and installation of floor hatches and power outlets;
  • delivery and installation of biometric terminals from ZKTeco;
Acting also as subcontractors for Tecsidel (Spain), we performed the following work for a branch of IRS:
  • laying of the cable system, connection of the system and installation of equipment for the automation system of tolling plazas, marking of the cable system of TIA / EIA-606-a standard;
installation and connection:
  • - cameras for reading license plate numbers;
  • - booths for cashiers;
  • - information boards and LED traffic lights;
  • - barriers and scales for weighing cargo vehicles.

Our partners

  • 2012Gurtam
    GPS/GLONASS Monitoring Software Developer
  • 2014 Panasonic
    CCTV, Mini PBX, Video conferencing, IP telephony
  • 2014 Ruptela
    Manufacturer of GPS / GLONASS tracker equipment and software developer
  • 2015 Partizan
    CCTV, ACS, Video door phones
  • 2015 Meitrack
    Manufacturer of GPS / GLONASS tracker equipment and software developer
  • 2015Tecsidel
    Introduction of a toll road system and software developer for tolling systems
  • 2016Workly
    Time Attendance Software Developer
  • 2017ZKTeco
    CCTV, ACS, Biometric equipment, Software developer of ZK Access Control
  • 2018TrueConf
    Video conferencing Software Developer
  • 2018UnitSolutions
    Equipment for audio / Video conferencing

Our clients


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